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Casino CenterAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Casino CenterCAL 700Dilution Calibrator Concentration
Casino CenterCALactActual value from calibrator
Casino CenterPM Bypass FlowPM Bypass Flow
Casino CenterPM Sample FlowPM Sample Flow
Casino CenterPM Total FlowPM Total Flow
Casino CenterShelterTemp 
Casino CenterNO2Nitrogen Dioxide
Casino CenterWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Casino CenterWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Casino CenterWind Gusts 
Garrett Junior HighAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Garrett Junior HighCAL 703Ozone Calibrator Concentration
Garrett Junior HighO3FlowO3 Flow
Garrett Junior HighO3Press 
Garrett Junior HighOzoneOzone PPB
Garrett Junior HighPM Bypass FlowPM Bypass Flow
Garrett Junior HighPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Garrett Junior HighPM Total FlowPM Total Flow
Garrett Junior HighPM10PM 10 continous std
Garrett Junior HighPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Garrett Junior HighShelter_Temp 
Garrett Junior HighWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Garrett Junior HighWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Garrett Junior HighWind Gusts 
Green ValleyAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Green ValleyCAL 700Dilution Calibrator Concentration
Green ValleyCALactActual value from calibrator
Green ValleyCOCarbon Monoxide
Green ValleyCOFlowCO Flow
Green ValleyCOPressCO Pressure
Green ValleyO3Flow 
Green ValleyO3Press 
Green ValleyOzoneOzone PPB
Green ValleyPM Bypass Flow 
Green ValleyPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Green ValleyPM Total Flow 
Green ValleyPM10PM 10 continous std
Green ValleyPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Green ValleyShelterTemp 
Green ValleyWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Green ValleyWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Green ValleyWind Gusts 
Indian SpringsCAL 703Ozone Calibrator Concentration
Indian SpringsDigital_Shelter_Temp  
Indian SpringsO3FlowO3 Flow
Indian SpringsO3Press 
Indian SpringsOzoneOzone PPB
JeanAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
JeanCAL 703Ozone Calibrator Concentration
JeanO3FlowO3 Flow
JeanOzoneOzone PPB
JeanPM Bypass Flow 
JeanPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
JeanPM Total Flow 
JeanPM10PM 10 continous std
JeanPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
JeanWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
JeanWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
JeanWind Gusts 
Jerome MackAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Jerome MackBarometric PressureBarometric Pressure
Jerome MackCAL 700Dilution Calibrator Concentration
Jerome MackCALact 
Jerome MackCOCarbon Monoxide
Jerome MackCOFlowCO Flow
Jerome MackCOPressCO Pressure
Jerome MackNONitric Oxide
Jerome MackNOX 
Jerome MackNOYReactive Oxides of Nitrogen
Jerome MackNOYFlow 
Jerome MackNOYPress 
Jerome MackO3Flow 
Jerome MackO3Press 
Jerome MackOzoneOzone PPB
Jerome MackPM Bypass Flow 
Jerome MackPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Jerome MackPM Total Flow 
Jerome MackPM10PM 10 continous std
Jerome MackPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Jerome MackPMCoarsePM10 Coarse Continuous
Jerome MackRainfallRainfall, total for hour
Jerome MackRelative HumidityRelative Humidity
Jerome MackShelterTemp 
Jerome MackSO2Sulfur Dioxide
Jerome MackSO2_5m_HourlyMaxHourly value of highest 5-minute SO2
Jerome MackSO2Flow 
Jerome MackSO2Press 
Jerome MackSolar RadiationSolar Radiation
Jerome MackTEMP_MIDAmbient Temperature, Mid-Level
Jerome MackNO2Nitrogen Dioxide
Jerome MackUV RadiationUV Component of Solar Radiation
Jerome MackWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Jerome MackWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Jerome MackWind Gusts 
Joe NealAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Joe NealCAL 700Dilution Calibrator Concentration
Joe NealCALactActual value from calibrator
Joe NealCOCarbon Monoxide
Joe NealCOFlowCO Flow
Joe NealCOPressCO Pressure
Joe NealO3FlowO3 Flow
Joe NealO3Press 
Joe NealOzoneOzone PPB
Joe NealPM Bypass Flow 
Joe NealPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Joe NealPM Total Flow 
Joe NealPM10PM 10 continous std
Joe NealPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Joe NealShelterTemp 
Joe NealNO2Nitrogen Dioxide
Joe NealWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Joe NealWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Joe NealWSP_Gust 
Liberty High SchoolAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Liberty High SchoolCAL 703Ozone Calibrator Concentration
Liberty High SchoolO3FlowO3 Flow
Liberty High SchoolO3Press 
Liberty High SchoolOzoneOzone PPB
Liberty High SchoolPM Bypass Flow 
Liberty High SchoolPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Liberty High SchoolPM Total Flow 
Liberty High SchoolPM10PM 10 continous std
Liberty High SchoolPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Liberty High SchoolShelterTemp 
Liberty High SchoolWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Liberty High SchoolWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Liberty High SchoolWind Gusts 
Mountains EdgeAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Mountains EdgeCAL 703Ozone Calibrator Concentration
Mountains EdgeO3FlowO3 Flow
Mountains EdgeO3Press 
Mountains EdgeOzoneOzone PPB
Mountains EdgePM Bypass Flow 
Mountains EdgePM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Mountains EdgePM Total Flow 
Mountains EdgePM10PM 10 continous std
Mountains EdgePM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Mountains EdgeShelterTemp 
Mountains EdgeWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Mountains EdgeWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Mountains EdgeWind Gusts 
Palo VerdeAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Palo VerdeCAL 703Ozone Calibrator Concentration
Palo VerdeO3FlowO3 Flow
Palo VerdeO3Press 
Palo VerdeOzoneOzone PPB
Palo VerdePM Bypass Flow 
Palo VerdePM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Palo VerdePM Total CPM Total Flow Collocated
Palo VerdePM Total Flow 
Palo VerdePM10PM 10 continous std
Palo VerdePM10_CONTIN_STD CPM 10 Continours std Collocated
Palo VerdePM10C_CONTIN CPM10 Coarse Continuous Collocated
Palo VerdePM2.5CParticulate Matter Collocated 2.5 microns or less, hourly data
Palo VerdePM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Palo VerdeShelterTemp 
Palo VerdeWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Palo VerdeWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Palo VerdeWind Gusts 
Paul MeyerAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Paul MeyerCAL700 
Paul MeyerCALactActual value from calibrator
Paul MeyerCOCarbon Monoxide
Paul MeyerCOFlowCO Flow
Paul MeyerCOPressCO Pressure
Paul MeyerO3FlowO3 Flow
Paul MeyerO3Press 
Paul MeyerOzoneOzone PPB
Paul MeyerPM Bypass Flow 
Paul MeyerPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Paul MeyerPM Total Flow 
Paul MeyerPM10PM 10 continous std
Paul MeyerPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Paul MeyerShelterTemp 
Paul MeyerWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Paul MeyerWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Paul MeyerWind Gusts 
Rancho_TeddyAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Rancho_TeddyCAL 700Dilution Calibrator Concentration
Rancho_TeddyCALactActual value from calibrator
Rancho_TeddyCOCarbon Monoxide
Rancho_TeddyCOFlowCO Flow
Rancho_TeddyCOPressCO Pressure
Rancho_TeddyPM Bypass FlowPM Bypass Flow
Rancho_TeddyPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Rancho_TeddyPM Total Flow 
Rancho_TeddyPM10PM 10 continous std
Rancho_TeddyPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Rancho_TeddyTrueNO2Nitrogen Dioxide
Rancho_TeddyWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Rancho_TeddyWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Rancho_TeddyWind Gusts 
SM Youth CampCAL 700Dilution Calibrator Concentration
SM Youth CampCALactActual value from calibrator
SM Youth CampCOCarbon Monoxide
SM Youth CampCOFlowCO Flow
SM Youth CampCOPressCO Pressure
SM Youth CampDigital_Shelter_Temp  
SM Youth CampO3FlowO3 Flow
SM Youth CampO3Press 
SM Youth CampOzoneOzone PPB
Sunrise AcresAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Sunrise AcresCAL 700Dilution Calibrator Concentration
Sunrise AcresCALactActual value from calibrator
Sunrise AcresCOCarbon Monoxide
Sunrise AcresCOFlowCO Flow
Sunrise AcresCOPressCO Pressure
Sunrise AcresPM Bypass Flow 
Sunrise AcresPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Sunrise AcresPM Total Flow 
Sunrise AcresPM10PM 10 continous std
Sunrise AcresPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Sunrise AcresShelterTemp 
Sunrise AcresTrueNO2Nitrogen Dioxide
Sunrise AcresWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Sunrise AcresWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Sunrise AcresWind Gusts 
Test Site 2AMBTEMPAmbient Temperature DegC
Test Site 2BARPRESSBarometric Pressure
Test Site 2CAL 703Ozone Calibrator Concentration
Test Site 2O3Flow 
Test Site 2O3Press 
Test Site 2PM Bypass Flow 
Test Site 2PM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Test Site 2PM Total Flow 
Test Site 2PMCoarsePM10 Coarse Continuous
Test Site 2RAINFALLRainfall, total for hour
Test Site 2RELHUMRelative Humidity
Test Site 2ShelterTemp 
Test Site 2WDRVector Wind Direction
Test Site 2WSP_Gust 
Test Site1Ambient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Test Site1CAL 700Dilution Calibrator Concentration
Test Site1CALactActual value from calibrator
Test Site1COFlowCO Flow
Test Site1COPressCO Pressure
Test Site1Digital Temp 
Test Site1O3FlowO3 Flow
Test Site1O3Press 
Test Site1PM Bypass Flow 
Test Site1PM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Test Site1PM Total Flow 
Test Site1ShelterTemp 
Test Site1Wind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Test Site1Wind Gusts 
Virgin ValleyAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Virgin ValleyCAL 703Ozone Calibrator Concentration
Virgin ValleyO3FlowO3 Flow
Virgin ValleyO3Press 
Virgin ValleyOzoneOzone PPB
Virgin ValleyPM Bypass Flow 
Virgin ValleyPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Virgin ValleyPM Total Flow 
Virgin ValleyPM10PM 10 continous std
Virgin ValleyPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Virgin ValleyShelterTemp 
Virgin ValleyWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Virgin ValleyWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Virgin ValleyWind Gusts 
Walnut RecAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Walnut RecCAL 700Dilution Calibrator Concentration
Walnut RecCALact 
Walnut RecCOCarbon Monoxide
Walnut RecCOFlowCO Flow
Walnut RecCOPressCO Pressure
Walnut RecO3FlowO3 Flow
Walnut RecO3Press 
Walnut RecOzoneOzone PPB
Walnut RecPM Bypass Flow 
Walnut RecPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Walnut RecPM Total Flow 
Walnut RecPM10PM 10 continous std
Walnut RecPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Walnut RecShelterTemp 
Walnut RecTrueNO2Nitrogen Dioxide
Walnut RecWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Walnut RecWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Walnut RecWind Gusts 
Walter JohnsonAmbient TemperatureAmbient Temperature DegC
Walter JohnsonCAL 703Ozone Calibrator Concentration
Walter JohnsonO3FlowO3 Flow
Walter JohnsonO3Press 
Walter JohnsonOzoneOzone PPB
Walter JohnsonPM Bypass Flow 
Walter JohnsonPM Sample FlowPM 2.5 Sample Flow
Walter JohnsonPM Total Flow 
Walter JohnsonPM10PM 10 continous std
Walter JohnsonPM2.5PM2.5 Total Mass Manual Method Local Conditions
Walter JohnsonShelterTemp 
Walter JohnsonWind SpeedVector Wind Speed
Walter JohnsonWind DirectionVector Wind Direction
Walter JohnsonWind Gusts 
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